4 new participants for the Belgian Tourist Awards What’s Up! 2021: and you?

We are proud to announce four new participants: Edinburgh, München, Saarland and Kent. They join the first seven participants: Ireland, Dominican Republic, Krakow, Radisson Hotel Group, Luxembourg, Nantes and last time overall winner ‘Destination of the Year’ Malta.

In the category Country we still have 3 places available, in the category Region 3 places, in the category City 1 place and in the category Tourism Companies 4 places!

Applications are possible up to June 30. Participation will bring a great return in views, attention and sympathy to all! Promotion of the Awards will continue till the end of August 2021 and will reach 2,5 million views.

Will your country, region, city or company be elected as best tourist experience for 2021?

Apply here!

With What’s Up! 2021 the Belgian Tourist Awards are looking forward to the period ‘post COVID-19’ in 2021 . So we will ask Belgian tourists to vote for the tourism destinations and tourism companies that will offer the best tourism experiences to come.

Applications are open till June 30. We will organize the voting as from July 1. Winners will be announced July 30.

Belgian Tourist Awards Whats Up! 2021

10.000 Belgian tourists vote for their favorite destinations and tourism companies for 2021

Countries, regions, cities, cultural destinations, sun hot spots, hiking & biking regions, travel companies, hotel chains, tour operators… can all apply as a candidate in one or more categories of the Belgian Tourist Awards What’s Up! 2021. 10.000 Belgian tourists will elect the best tourist experiences in upcoming 2021. The winners will be announced on July 30 and promotion will continue till the end of August 2021. In total, media coverage of the Belgian Tourist Award What’s Up! 2021 will obtain 2,5 million views.

Winners of the 2019 edition

The readers of GRANDE.be and Vacancesweb.be choose the winners of the Belgian Tourist Awards 2019. Overall winner as Destination of the Year was Malta, category winners were: Country of the Year Malta, Region of the Year Kent, City of the Year Krakow, Hot Spot of the Year Edinburgh and Tourism Company of the Year Radisson Hotel Group.

Belgian Tourist Awards Whats Up! 2021

Category Destinations

In the upcoming edition of the Belgian Tourist Awards What’s Up! 2021 we will attribute three Awards in the category ‘Destinations’: one for Country, one for Region and one for City. For the Award ‘What’s Up! Country of the Year 2021’ we will allow maximum 7 participants, for the other Awards maximum 5 participants.

Category Hot Spots

In the category ‘Hot Spots’ we will attribute three Awards: one for Sun Hot Spots, one for Culture Hotel Spots, and one for Hiking & Biking Hot Spots. For each of these Awards, we will allow maximum 3 participants.

Category Tourism Companies

In the category ‘Tourism Companies’ we will attribute two Awards: one for the best Hospitality company (tour operators, hotels, holiday resorts, cruises,…) and one for the best Travel company (airplane, train, car rental, travel insurance,…). For each Award, we will allow maximum 5 participants.

Best of the Best: Destination of the Year 2021

Among all participants and all categories, we will ask the voters to elect their overall winner: the Belgian Tourist Awards What’s Up! Destination of the Year 2021.

Media coverage

Our mediaplan consists of two periods:

  1. For all participants: during the voting period in July 2021 three waves of articles: general presentation of all participants + detailed presentation of the participants in each category + individual presentation of each participant;
  2. Extra for the winners: after the voting in August 2021 three waves of articles: announcement of all winners + presentation of all winners with interview of their manager + extra presentation with interview of the overall winner ‘Destination of the Year 2021’.

The total media coverage will be 2,5 million views, of which each participant will obtain 250.000 views. Winners will reach an extra 250.000 views each, up to 500.000 views in total. The overall winner will touch an extra 250.000 views, so 750.000 views totally.

Media partners

The Belgian Tourist Awards What’s Up! 2021 are a partnership of the Belgian tourism websites GRANDE.be with Vacancesweb.be / Vakantieweb.be.

Media partners are Le Soir, Ciné Télé Revue and Sudinfo with announcements on the homepages of their websites.

Communication channels are the general Belgian press (through press releases and presence at the Award Ceremony) and social media (Facebook and Instagram).

Flow and timing

  1. June 1-30, 2021: applications;
  2. July 1-29, 2021: communication campaign participants and voting 10.000 active Belgian tourists;
  3. July 30 – August 31, 2021: announcement of winners and communication campaign winners.


The participation fee is 1.975 euro per category (excl. VAT).

All participants will be presented during the voting period July 2021 and will reach 250.000 views each.

We will communicate extra for the winners as July, 30 2021 up to the end of August 2021. This will reach extra 250.000 views each.

The overall winner ‘Destination of the Year 2021’ will reach extra 250.000 views.

All winners will be allowed to communicate and use the name and logo of the Belgian Tourist Awards and the name of their category up to the end of 2021.


Countries, regions, cities and tourism companies can apply as a candidate in their category by filling this application form.

Each applicant will also automatically participate at the overall Award ‘Destination of the Year 2021’.

The participation fee is 1.975 euro per category, the application is confirmed after the payment of the fee.


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